Locations & Tournament Dates

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Cangrejos Yacht Club TBD Dorado
Ponce Yacht and Fishing Club TBD Dorado y Aguja
Club Náutico de la Parguera TBD Dorado
Club Náutico de Guayama (Torneo Damas) TBD Dorado
Club Náutico Vega Baja TBD Aguja Azul
Club Náutico de Arecibo TBD Aguja Azul
Asociación Pesca Deportiva de Dorado TBD Aguja Azul
Cangrejos Yacht Club TBD Aguja Azul
Club Náutico de San Juan TBD Aguja Azul
Club Náutico de Mayagüez TBD Vela-Peto
Club Nautico de Boqueron TBD TBD
Club Náutico de Guayama TBD Peto
Club Náutico de Arecibo TBD Pez Vela
Club Deportivo del Oeste TBD Aguja Azul
Fundación Feries del Caribe TBD Dorado


Marinas and Nautical Clubs of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a large number of marinas and nautical clubs around its coast. There are 13 marinas on the island and 110,000 registered ships.

Club Deportivo del Oeste (Joyudas, Cabo Rojo) – The facilities include docks for sailboats and motorboats of all sizes. It currently has about 60 berths, as well as dry dock space for other boats. The club sponsors a fishing tournament, the Billfish Extreme Release League Fishing, as well as the International Light Tackle Blue Marlin Tournament.

Boquerón Nautical Club (Cabo Rojo) – Located in the Boquerón area of Cabo Rojo. It houses approximately 112 vessels. The club was founded in 1960. Its most popular tournaments are the blue marlin and dolphin fishing tournaments.

La Parguera Nautical Club (Lajas) – Founded in 1969. It is located close to the phosphorescent bay at La Parguera. The club accommodates a total of 51 vessels ranging from 15 to 65 feet in length. Its most important fishing tournaments are the blue marlin and dolphin tournaments. It is known for being located near one of the best dolphin fishing areas around the island.

Ponce Yacht and Fishing Club (Ponce) – Located at La Guancha boardwalk. The club has a capacity for 168 vessels of all sizes, as well as dry dock facilities.

Salinas Marina (Salinas) – The Salinas Marina is protected by a natural barrier of keys and mangroves. It is surrounded by eight miles of keys and is used by boaters as a natural refuge during hurricanes. The Salinas Marina has a capacity to accommodate 103 ships.

Guayama Nautical Club (Guayama) – This private marina is located in the Pozuelos sector of Guayama on Jobos Bay and is also a nature preserve. The Guayama Nautical Club has space for vessels both on the water and in dry dock. In the water, there is room for 45 vessels 45 feet in length and up.

Puerto Chico Marina (Fajardo) – Located in the Sardinera Cove in the sector of the same name. It has a capacity of 260 boats at an average size of 35 feet in length and 370 boats in dry dock at an average size of 25 feet in length. This private marina was founded in 1968 and provides fuel storage for vessels.

Marina Puerto Real (Fajardo) – In addition to a pier, this marina has a hangar for maintaining boats in dry dock. The facilities are adjacent to the Isleta Marina Pier. There are spaces for boats of 28 feet in length and larger.

Puerto del Rey Marina (Fajardo) – Established in the late 1980s and located in the Majagua Bay. It has spaces for a thousand boats in the water, as well as dry dock facilities.

Wyndham El Conquistador Marina (Fajardo) – Located on the grounds of the hotel of the same name in Las Croabas sector of Fajardo. The marina has 16 docks for vessels of up to 60 feet in length for guests or customers. It also has an area for small boats and a restaurant accessible from the water where local or visiting boat owners can anchor and enjoy the facilities.

Villa Marina Yatch Harbour (Fajardo) – Founded in 1975 at Sardinera Beach in Fajardo. This marina holds hundreds of vessels in an artificial cove, which makes it much more comfortable than other marinas. In this area, the waves are generally four feet or less and the winds are from the east at six or seven knots. It is located near numerous keys and islets, such as Palominos, Palominitos, Icacos and Diablo Key. Among other activities at the marina are fishing tournaments, boat exhibitions and regattas.

Sea Lovers Marina (Fajardo) – This marina was founded in 1972. It provides a family ambience and personalized service. There are 45 spaces for vessels from 16 to 55 feet in length. The marina is located on Sardinera Bay.

Cangrejos Yacht Club (Carolina) – This club was founded in 1952. The First Inter Club Fishing Tournament was held at its facilities in 1957, fishing for blue marlin of more than 1,000 pounds. The same year, the First Ladies Fishing Tournament of Puerto Rico was held. In 2002, the 46th tournament was held and gathered 400 competitors and 100 boats from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the Virgin Islands and the United States. The club can accommodate 200 vessels of up to 50 feet in length.

San Juan Nautical Club (San Juan) – This club was founded in 1934. It is located at 482 Fernández Juncos Avenue. It has 117 docks for vessels from 30 to 200 feet in length. Since 1953, the club has held the Blue Marlin International Fishing Tournament, which is considered the oldest deep-sea fishing tournament in the world. During World War II, the United States Navy confiscated some boats from the club to patrol San Juan Bay and the coasts of Puerto Rico. After the war, many members had to pay to get their boats back. During this era, the members held moonlight cruises they called “lunáuticas” on the bay on full moon nights. They also conducted sailing contests with the armed forces, which were the beginning of the development of sailing at the San Juan Nautical Club. The club has undergone various renovations, in 1951, 1992 and 2005. Today, the club uses a fleet of small boats specifically designed for teaching to offer sailing classes for children, youths and adults who are interested in learning the art of sailing.

San Juan Bay Marina (San Juan) – This marina was founded in 1977 in San Juan Bay. It has the most complete nautical facilities on the island. It is located at the entrance to Old San Juan, across from the Dos Hermanos Bridge, on Lindburgh Street. It has hundreds of vessels and spaces for four mega-yachts. All the vessels are provided with connections for television, satellite, telephone, electricity and water.

Vega Baja Nautical Club (Vega Baja) – This club sponsors fishing activities although it does not have a marina. It has land facilities for camping and for launching boats. The club is located at the mouth of the Cibuco River on the coast of Vega Baja.

Arecibo Nautical Club (Arecibo) – Located in the Vigías sector of Arecibo. This club has a marina with a capacity for 90 ships of an average size of 22 to 55 feet in length. It is the only marina that provides fuel on the route from San Juan to Mayagüez. The club was founded in the late 1960s. It includes the marina area and a double ramp area.